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Bloomberg TV Live Interview


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Dedicated, dynamic, hardworking and innovative administrative assurance. Enthused and unfazed by challenges. ‘Can do attitude’ always. Graduate with Business Management and Administration degrees. Lee brings heart to our company.

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Ambitious, driven with an aggressive ‘hands-on’ management style. Bringing over 6 years experience in senior management held positions in various online media related platforms and businesses. Holding a L.L.B from the College of Management, Israel, as well as a law degree from Bar Ilan University, Israel. Promoting strategic partnerships and creative affiliation structures.

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Educated in Israel, Mr. Grinberg has excelled in his management and operations techniques, showing dynamic strengths and diversity. His actions and manoeuvres in the vibrant business environment have been reflected in his operational skills in UTI Shipping (leading shipping company), CMHC (a real estate conglomerates) and companies in the media and internet sectors.

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Media friends, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.

First, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the journalists who have taken the time to attend this press conference today.

I am glad to be making new acquaintances and to see our old friends again for this special occasion. On behalf of 360Quan, I would like to wish all of you a healthy, happy and successful new year in 2008.

It is my great pleasure to bring everyone here today to share a piece of exciting news:

360Quan has just closed a deal to secure a second round of funding from Koolanoo Group totaling 5 million USD dollars. Koolanoo Group has been a great and valued partner to 360Quan, and its CEO—Internet maverick and tycoon O.D. Kobo—is a close friend.

This investment will be used to accelerate our company’s already rapid growth. With the additional funds, we will increase our staff, boost our marketing activities, and upgrade our R&D and technological infrastructure.

But most importantly, I am thrilled to announce that with this new investment we will soon be launching 360QMAIL – a customized email system and browser! We are all very excited about this new feature, which will be exclusively available for 360Quan members.

Koolanoo Group has also communicated its pride and excitement in its investment in 360Quan.com, which has definitely demonstrated great success.

Thinking back ten months ago to 360Quan’s launch, I am very confident about our company’s future. 360Quan.com has had record-breaking visits from the very start, and today more than 22 million people  play on the site every month. (important to use the word ‘play’)

Our community continues to rapidly grow, with more and more young people visiting and registering on 360Quan everyday. Their support has made 360Quan one of the fastest growing web 2.0 sites in China today and definitely one of the fastest growing SNS success stories in China’s Internet history.

Few sites have had such amazing growth and encouragement among the online community. The site has truly been an Internet uprising; we call it…’A LOCAL PHENOMENON’

As 2007 comes to a close, we have quite a catalog of accolades to report: We are already listed as the 8th largest community based site in China and one of China’s top 5 social networks. We were also awarded a golden badge by China’s Internet Index System (CIIS) and Chinalabs for being one of China’s top 100 web sites.

With this additional funding, 360Quan will hit the ground running 2008. We will continue to stun the online world with our explosive growth, our ambition and our energy—engaging China’s young Internet community as nobody else can.

I would like to take this opportunity in front of the press to again express my most sincere thanks on behalf of 360Quan to the Koonaloo Group and the new architect of social networking in China Mr. O.D. Kobo for your vision, confidence and belief in 360Quan.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all our friends from the media for coming here today and sharing in this exciting announcement.

Thank you.

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ChenQi, GM

Just as 360Quan’s company culture to advocate young and diversity, his experience is likewise diversified. With background of economy and finance in university study, he began to be involved in internet since late 1990s. He was an active figue in BBS of Tsinghua University, which is a heat university forum. He’s got crazy love on internet and his personal site was rewarded as the top 10 distinguishing personal website by Life Weekly Magazine, and he is one of the earliest bloggers.

When working in CCTV, he once climbed onto the camp on the Everest with 7,000 meters above sea level; and flied on fire balloon across the Three Gorges. He planned and executed a series of TV and internet programs for CCTV. Out of love on nature and life, he joined Conservation International China Program, one of the largest nature protection organizations in world. He spent most of his time in the poorest suburban areas in high lands and Tibetan altiplano, hanging along with local people. During his work there, he also led a project to shoot film for Chinese villages supported by National Geography. He traveled ceaselessly in every inches of Tibet and participated a web2.0 site planning as an independent internet consultant. He’s got various background and broad interest for young attitude, loving travel, nature and internet. These are the main parts in his life.

He is now back to the internet in 2007, building 360Quan together with his friend KOBO. He believes that groups can change a person’s life and the core of internet is people’s relations. He worked hard to build 360Quan a unique platform for young people in their social network.

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Koolanoo break through in China

(BEIJING, 27 Dec, 2007) leading social network site for teens, and one of the fastest growing website’s in China’s internet sector,
, 360Quan announced today that they have secured a second round of investment capital totaling USD 5 million from Koolanoo Group the boutique Chinese Internet investment firm held by Internet maverick & tycoon O.D. Kobo. The investment will be used to accelerate the company’s already rapid development, allowing it to add personnel, enhance existing technologies and launch the much anticipated customized Mail & browser services. With this support, 360Quan will open a new chapter in its already impressive history.

Koolanoo Group and 360Quan have successfully worked together in the past and will contribute to each other’s future growth, said Mrs. Dong Binghui, Director of 360Quan. These funds will help us reach our goals for 2008 and allow us to continue providing our users with new features and unique social services.

Since its founding less than one year ago, 360Quan has been a local phenomenon legendary success story in China’s Internet community. Today, more than 22 million people use 360Quan every month, making 360Quan one of the fastestever growing social networking sites (SNS) in China. We are making history every day, said Dong. For 10 months we’ve been climbing the list of Chinas top 10 SNS communities. We expect to top that list this coming year.

Recently, 360Quan has been adding an array of new features and functions, moving its online offering beyond the traditional SNS. 360Quan General Manager China Mr. Chen Qi remarked, We are proud to be bringing our users new features and products, like 360Qmail, which will be coming very soon. We are driving an experience revolution by providing our users something truly different and cool.

360Quan has built its reputation by engaging China’s teenage Internet community with the most complete range of communications tools for web surfers to use to express themselves. With more widgets, more features , more mobile friendly activities and more content, the web site provides unparalleled opportunities for teenagers to make friends and customize their social networking experience. At our core, we are just a bunch of Internet junkies that believe in the future of the Chinese Internet, said Chen. Our goal is clear and simple: to create the best social network for ourselves, our friends, and the whole Chinese community.

With a significant focus on Chinese new media ventures, Koolanoo Group has successfully realized its investment target of USD 20 million by Q1 2008 announced inJuly . This move consolidates Koolanoo Group’s position as a leading, strategic investor in China’s Internet market. 360Quan’s success confirmed the accuracy of our vision. With ample investment capital, I can confidently say that we are participating in the Chinese internet with our vision and raw energy, said Mr. O.D. Kobo, Koolanoo Group Chairman and CEO. China is the single most important and exciting online market in the world today. Koolanoo Group hopes to emulate the future of online in China: aggressive, fresh, ambitious and determined.

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